530 Collins St. Co Gen

The Co Generator at 530 Collins Street, Melbourne is a long-term parallel installation that is part of the strategy used to limit the building’s CO² footprint by localising the power generation and reducing the building’s electrical load. Power & Drive Solutions was involved with implementing the local generation to remove losses in the transmission network that feeds the building. Heat recovery was utilised during the cooler periods, to reduce the electrical power required to heat the building.

Power & Drive Solutions assisted in attaining the 5 Star Energy Rating by calculating the optimum running times for the generator to run a large portion of the building load and still be small enough to run during lower demand periods.


The challenge of this project was to interface a pre-configured engine into a multiple feeder application as well as connecting a Generator in Parallel to a Utility network that is running at its maximum KA rating.


The Co Generator is connected through a series “Passive” Fault Current Limiter to reduce its Fault Current contribution. Running long term in Parallel, the Co Generator provides, on average an impressive 95% of the building’s essential services electrical power, as well as 25% of the heating requirements.