Two Rocks Abalone

Power & Drive Solutions designed, constructed and commissioned a Utility Network connection to supply electrical power to the Two Rocks Abalone pump house where a constant flow of seawater is required to maintain the integrity of the livestock.

Prior to the completion of this project, Electrical power was supplied by 3 x 170 kVA Generators in an (n)+1 redundancy configuration. The Power Plant is utilised to start pumps on the generator supply and to provide power in the event of mains failure. The key feature of the project was that Two Rocks Abalone were not permitted to start any pumps on the Utility Network and thus require a short term parallel operation (typically 5-10 minutes).


The Challenge was to seamlessly changeover the existing control system whilst sustaining sufficient power for site requirements. This was to eliminate any threat to the integrity of the livestock.


Power & Drive Solutions designed a system that allowed for the pumps to be started and stopped via the existing equipment. Upon a start request, the site will automatically start the required amount of generators and then transfer the site load to the Generator plant. Once the start has completed, the site seamlessly transfers the load back to the utility network and shuts down the generation plant.

The system also had to be interfaced with the RTU equipment supplied by the Utility Company. This enables the Utility Company to issue “Permission to Connect” and “Intertrip” signals.

The existing plant also protects the site in the event of Utility power interruption.

Power & Drive Solutions continues to monitor the site using a Telstra NextG connection. This enables remote monitoring as well as the ability to send alarms via Email and SMS.